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The personal data and collected information that PAULETTE collects from their customers, will be kept carefully and confidentially.

We will not share your personal information with any third party unless approved by you. PAULETTE has provided a Secure Online order form for the transmission of payment and other personal information.


Returns are allowed within 14 days after purchasing. The buyer assumes responsibility for payment of all shipments and any damage the item may incur during such time regardless of the reason for return. It is important to notice that above mentioned return policy is valid for online purchases only. Please notify us on, when you would like to return an item.

Items purchased in our shop at Sint-Jorispoort 15, Antwerp, can not be returned.


Please contact us on for more shipping options in and outside of the EU. PAULETTE can provide or arrange packing and/or shipping services. Any such services provided or arranged by us are at the buyer's sole risk and expense.


Unfortunately our storage in the city of Antwerp is limited in space, so we cannot offer long term storage for your purchased goods. In case you cannot find any other solution, please contact us on for a specific storage agreement.

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