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After graduating as a business engineer, my mind was not set on starting a job in this area. I needed to see more of the world. So, I packed my stuff, booked my tickets and explored the world for an entire year. It was amazing. I felt so inspired by all the colours and cultures. It all started to bubble in my mind and slowly but surely, this experience created a new direction for me...


Home sale


Lier, Belgium


December 2016

I’ve always had a passion for interior and finding unique original pieces. I just love roaming around and finding rare design pieces or cute items that just make me happy! It’s not only about the items, but also about the overall picture.I just get goose bumps creating little living spaces, putting together the different pieces I have collected over time that finally come together in perfect harmony .


Back in Belgium, my sister and I organized a spontaneous home sale, lasting for two weekends. We sold furniture and decorations that I had collected through time or I specifically bought for the home sale. Additionally, my sister and I handmade some decoration pieces together, she made jewellery and I made frames, mirrors and flowerpots! The first weekend of the home sale was a great success! The whole place was sold out after one weekend! So, I had to get back out there and find new things to sell for the 2nd weekend. And  that’s where my story began… One month later, I had my own pop-up show in the centre of Antwerp! Now, one year later, I’m extremely grateful for the amazing adventures of the past year and the support from my sister, parents and friends! THANKS Y’ALL!!!

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