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My love for durable, qualitative Berber carpets resulted in carpets being  a big part of my shop  and life. My home is jam-packed with my favourite pieces and basically any space I’m asked to decorate will end up covered with carpets.


All carpets are vintage Moroccan pieces, hand-knotted and 100% wool, with different knotting patterns, measures, colours, … Some are so soft and hairy that you just want to bury your toes in them! I also have woven carpets in store that are thinner and have more earthy tones.

Should you be interested in a carpet, come to the shop with the measurements and ideally some pictures of the room you wish to brighten up. This way I can help you better to find what would fit best in your home. If there’s any rug or carpet  you like, we can arrange a visit at your house with the carpet and some alternatives. A carpet is a big investment, so I’m convinced it’s important to see the carpet in the room and see how it feels, before making any decision. It has happened before that a customer is convinced of one carpet in the shop, but then chooses one of the alternatives I brought with me!

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