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How exciting to decorate a space for someone in a completely different point in life! Being my first interior project, I collaborated with my mom, who is an interior architect and has been inspiring me from a young age. I remember my bedroom being such an important space for me during my teenage years, a place where I can grow, think, imagine, play, and just be myself. It was fun to relive this moment together with my mama!






August 2017

For this space I wanted to create a young, playful, and rather timeless vibe. A jungle feel, with furniture and decoration pieces she could take with her if she would move out of the house.

We found this beautiful blue to paint the walls. This girl dreamed of a blue room, and this soft grey blue shade was perfect to give the room a timeless look that she’ll still like when she gets older.


For the decoration, I started off with a couple of rattan pieces. The Emanuelle chair invites you to sit on it like your personal throne , just what a 14 year old needs, I imagine. I sewed a round shaped cushion from old fabrics for a colorful spark.


Apart from the Emanuelle chair, I found this amazing vintage lamp that would make this girl feel even more like a queen. Because let’s be honest, who wants to be a princess when you can be a queen? The lamp has such a lush look and fills the room with playful light.

Then it was time to add green and colour. We selected some plants with a high survival rate (let’s not put too much responsibility on this girls’ shoulders), like cactae and succulents. We turned her windowsill into a cosy seating area with some beautiful pillows and of course, we unrolled a couple of beautiful colourful Berber carpets as my favourite finishing touch.


What do you think of this teenage bed room? Wouldn’t you have loved to grow up in such a cool bedroom? I’m certainly jealous of this girl! ;-)

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