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Trissia Stavropoulos is one of the Stavros Sisters who are very inspiring jewellery designers. Just like myself, Trissia loves an interior with colour, a mix and match of original pieces that come together as a beautiful home. Her Antwerp Townhouse was an amazing space to fill up with some Paulette magic!


Antwerp Townhouse




November 2017

For the living room, as it was spacious and bright, I decided to go for warm tones. Starting with the couch that was already there, I added vivid accents with some cushions by Simples®. Proud to say my mama and her good friend Marie Renalle created this amazing brand with unique pieces, handmade in Belgium with re-used old fabrics.  I love getting original pieces from all over the world, but collaborating with local brands is important to me as well.

A room wouldn’t be cozy without some lightpoints here and there.The cool Mushroom Lamp by Raak (1960) is a rare, vintage lamp, that adds a bit of fun and originality to the room.

Finally to unite all the objects to one cozy space,  I added a colourful berber carpet with shades of red and pink. I was so happy to hear Trissia say that before, they never really used this space, they just didn’t ‘feel’ it, and now it’s their room to come home to from a busy day at work… What a compliment!

© by Jan Verlinde

© by Jan Verlinde

The bedroom was a big empty space, with a big black wall that called for contrast. We replied with bright colours for the carpet and add a colourful accent with 3 vintage Philips lamps from the 60’s. We added some bamboo, green and other natural materials to the bedroom, as the bedroom is place to calm down and disconnect from the busy city.   

© by Jan Verlinde

Once we were happy with the interior, we had a look at the terrace. I just felt like trying something crazy and put this colourful carpet outside on the wood. I loved it. I was just thinking out loud when I told Trissia we could put some minimal retro IKEA seats, to contrast the Moroccan touch. Amused, she answered:  “Oh, I have some retro IKEA pieces stored in my attic… We’ve never really found the right place for them.” No way! That was meant to be. They came out looking amazing and perfect to compliment the edgy, distinct look of the terrace. The sleek vintage chairs gave a cool contrast with the colourful and playful carpet. To finish up we added some plants and some bamboo touches... A bit of bamboo never hurt no terrace! With just a couple of pieces, we created a cool chill spot during summer.


In winter, you can just take the carpet back inside and change up your space (and keep your feet warm). Don’t hesitate to change your interior every once in a while, just go freestyling, have some fun with it! It’s your house! You’ll be surprised how pieces suddenly fit perfectly together that were once in completely different rooms. I love it.

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